Space Decommission

Picture4After your office relocation is complete, the next step to finish your move is space decommission. As you mostly likely have a contractual agreement with the owner of the office space to return it to its previous condition, this process involves the necessary cleaning and restoration needed to do so. Decommissioning an office space can involve a numerous amount of services, including but not limited to:

  • Meeting with the property management of the office space to discuss the expected condition for the space to be returned to, as well as the hours allowed to do so
  • Removal and liquidation/possible recycling of remaining furniture in the office space
  • Removal and disposal of communication and network cabling in walls or ceiling
  • Removal and disposal of any trash or appliances
  • Vacuuming and sweeping of carpet and floors to restore them to a “Broom Clean” condition
  • Repair and replacement of wall surfaces and ceiling tiles if any damage is apparent
  • Disposal of hazardous wastes, materials, and other environmental issues to be handled by a licensed third party company at the discretion of the commercial relocation company
  • A final walkthrough of the office space with property management with compliance sign off and presentation to client
  • “Green” services of disposal aimed towards re-use as opposed to a landfill