Phased Office Moves

Picture9To streamline the process of a relocation, an office move is typically divided into three phases: the pre-move preparation, the office relocation, and the post-move smooth set.

Your pre-move preparation’s focus should be on establishing the planning and groundwork of your move. Decide on a relocation company and set up an exact time and date as well as a moving strategy for the day of your move to occur. All non-essential items should be boxed up and packed securely for movers to pick up quickly and load. Boxes should be labelled accurately and consistently, so that they remain easy to identify after the move. Common areas like kitchens, file rooms, and supply rooms should be completely packed. Disconnect any furniture that does not require any movers’ help, and load all the necessary electronics onto machine carts if possible. The purpose of this first phase is to remove all traces of clutter as well as to reduce the amount of work in the actual move. The more you prepare, the less work you have to accomplish the day of the relocation.

Picture7There are actually two types of office relocations. The first involves a series of moving trucks that travel continuously between the old office location and the new, with two sets of crews. One crew moves the customer’s furniture and materials out of the point of origin with the other crew at the destination, unloading all packed materials to the customer’s new office. This type of move, “the shuttle,” typically moves at a faster pace.

The second type of office move, “the load and go,” follows a much simpler format. This move involves a single crew that loads all furniture and materials in one trip and moves and subsequently unloads them at the destination.

The post-move smooth set implements the strategy set up in the pre-move preparation, such as space planning. Furniture is installed in the correct locations, electronics are connected, and even pictures can be hung. Be sure to consult and discuss with your relocation company the extent of their involvement after the move.