Installation Services

Picture5The process of furniture installation and configuration begins even before your office relocation. Of course, you have furniture that needs to be moved along with your relocation, but where should you put it and in what order should it be installed? Consult your relocation company about space planning, a service aimed to organize the layout of your new office from top to bottom. Space planning allows for your movers to organize your new office to its maximum efficiency while also providing a move-in strategy so that the relocation goes smoothly.

The actual installation and configuration of furniture is quite simple and covers a wide range of services, such as:

  • Assembly and sales of new office furniture
  • Modular systems, workstations, and cubicles
  • Library and file room shelving systems
  • Industrial shelving and pallet racking
  • Furniture polishing and cleaning
  • Anchoring, gauging, and leveling of file cabinets