Data Centers

Picture2Data center and server relocation is yet another part to a successful office move. Sensitive pieces of electronics like these are vital to your company’s business, and they should be handled as such. Their relocation should be swift, carefully executed, and well planned to reduce as much disruption to your business as possible.

Data center and server relocation includes many services, such as de-installation, merge-in transit, assembly, as well as installation and configuration. Each company’s data center and server needs are unique, so every relocation must be catered to on a case-by-case basis with a specific implementation plan. In addition to your electronics’ relocation, the removal of low voltage cabling (voice and data) is a must. Old disconnected cabling in the ceiling of your old office space must be collected and disposed of properly to be in compliance with fire code standards while also restoring your old office space to an empty and clean “white box” status.