Computer Services

Picture1An essential part of your office move involves transporting your computers and equipment. How are you going to get them from point A to point B? How will you store them to prevent damage? All of these concerns are valid questions that you have to take into consideration while moving your office.

Proper care must be taken in the removal and subsequent move and installation of technology. After all, even the smallest computer can contain essential information pertaining to your business. Upon an office’s relocation, computers, monitors, and other pieces of equipment must be uninstalled and packed away securely in specialized carts or gondola cartons to be transported to their new location. Other services include PC and server moves, managed moves of PC workstations, PC peripherals, IP phones and printer stations, server prep and packing, as well as specialized crating and palletizing for servers, racks, mainframes and other large pieces.

Following their removal, your computers and equipment should be properly transported to your new office location and be reinstalled and connected. Remember, an office move is only as good as its planning, so make sure that all elements are accounted for.